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Melita Peharda Uljević Sclerochronology as a tool for detecting long-term Adriatic environmental changes

Seminar: Akvatisk biologi

10.04.2019 | Anne Kirstine Mehlsen

Dato tor 25 apr
Tid 09:45 10:45
Sted Institut for Bioscience, Ole Worms Alle 1, bygning 1135-234

Foredragsholder: Prof Melita Peharda Uljević, Institutute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Croatia



Sclerochronology is a developing supradisciplinary field that analyses structural elements as well as their geochemical composition of bivalves, fish, corals and algae and enables obtaining of environmental data from them. Although sclerochronology research has high potential for reconstruction of environmental variations, majority of studies are still taxa and location-limited, primarily focusing on several long living bivalve species (e.g. Arctica islandica) at higher latitudes in the North Atlantic. Over the past four years we have been conducting sclerochronology research on several bivalve species from the Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean) in a framework of Croatian Science Foundation project SCOOL. This includes construction of growth chronologies, analysis of oxygen and carbon stable isotopes in shells, analysis of radiocarbon and analysis of elements. Data obtained and new research directions planned will be presented and discussed.     



Institut for Bioscience, Offentligheden / Pressen, Medarbejdere