Electron microscopy picture of a single cell (in green color) isolated from the subsurface seabed in Aarhus Bay. The cell is isolated on a membrane filter with pores that are 0.2 micrometer in diameter. The researchers use highly sensitive molecular biology techniques to sequence and map the genomes of microorganisms inhabiting subsurface seabed one cell at a time. Photo: Stefan Braun. Graphic modified from Wikipedia and
Sediment cores up to 10 m long can be collected from the seabed in Aarhus Bay by gravity coring. The mud in the deepest sections of such cores was deposited 10,000 years ago by the end of the last glaciation. Photo: Nils Risgaard-Petersen.
A sediment core is subsectioned on deck of the Aarhus University Research Vessel Aurora. Photo: Bo Barker Jørgensen.

2017.04.25 |

Microorganisms in the subsurface seabed on evolutionary standby

Researchers have sequenced the genomes of several microorganisms inhabiting the subsurface seabed. The results reveal the extreme evolutionary regime controlling microbial life in the deep biosphere.

2017.04.19 |

Tang til fødevarer, foder og et bedre havmiljø i Danmark

Giver det mening at dyrke og anvende tang i Danmark, og kan tangen bidrage til et bedre havmiljø? Det sætter forskere, virksomheder, myndigheder og interesseorganisationer fokus på i et nyt stort projekt, som er støttet af VILLUM FONDEN og VELUX FONDEN med 10 millioner kroner.

2017.04.19 |

Hvordan fungerer bakterier med indlagte elektriske ledninger?

Seks år efter den opsigtsvækkende opdagelse af kabelbakterier bevilger Danmarks Grundforskningsfond nu op til 56 mio. kr. til Center for Elektromikrobiologi på Aarhus Universitet.


Sat 29 Apr
09:00-23:45 | Hindsgavl Castle, Middelfart, Denmark
The Danish Marine Mammal Society and Aarhus University
31st Annual Conference, Denmark, April 29th - May 3rd, 2017
Thu 11 May
13:00-14:30 | Vejlsøvej 25, 8600 Silkeborg, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Room D2.04
Effects of wood ash on soil mesofauna and application of metabarcoding
Jiayi Qin defends her PhD on May 11
Fri 12 May
09:30-10:00 | Department of Bioscience, Ole Worms Allé 1, building 1135-234
Jens Tang Christensen: Nitrogen fixation in the eastern tropical South Pacific upwelling
Seminar: Aquatic Bology
Tue 16 May
14:00-14:30 | Aarhus University, ARC, building 1540, room 020
Freshwater Dynamics in the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay (copy 1)
This presentation by Prof. Paul Myers will focus on questions of advection and mixing in the Pan-Arctic system, with a focus on the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea.
Tue 16 May
14:30-15:00 | Aarhus University, ARC, building 1540, room 020
Freshwater pathways around Greenland
This presentation by Senior Scientist John Mortensen will take you on a tour with the freshwater from Fram Strait to the Baffin Bay using hydrographic observations from different national (Greenland) and international monitoring-research programs.

Aarhus University and Greenland Institute

The Danish Marine Mammal Society and Aarhus University

31st Annual Conference, Denmark, April 29th - May 3rd, 2017, Middelfart, Denmark