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Coast 2 Coast Climate Challenge

C2C CC: Coast 2 Coast Climate Challenge subproject C24: Climate history|culture history

As part of a large EU Life funded project anchored in the Region of Central Denmark, this aims to provide a historically informed and evidence-based dissemination platform for C2C Climate Challenge that facilitates citizen-near adaptation and long-term behavioural change. The project couples existing environmental and cultural historical datasets together in order to provide evidence-based snapshots of past environmental conditions and human responses. With a focus on hydrological changes in inland (river, lake) and coastal contexts, C24 connects directly with other C2C CC projects and makes use of existing dissemination platforms (e.g. the Klimatorium and AquaGlobe) in order to showcase the overall project nationally. At the same time, this project reaches out to a wider international network through workshops and participation in international conferences. Finally, the project will add value to C2C CC overall by translating climate history into components useable also in sustainable growth via tourism.

This project contributes to theme 2