Stream and Wetland Ecology

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The Section for Stream and Wetland Ecology performs research into streams and wetlands. Most of our research is holistic with focus on elucidating the impact of local and regional processes on the biological communities from simple organisms over populations to whole ecosystems. We have particular focus on clarifying the impact of climate-related changes in temperature and runoff and the interactions between these and a number of central and contemporary influences (multiple stressors). The specific impacts include, by way of example, hydro-morphological changes of streams (digging, deepening), weed cutting and sediment removal, changes in land use and specific impacts of fertilisers and pesticides and other environmentally hazardous substances. We address both basic scientific and application-oriented topics and undertake both experimental studies and descriptive analyses of extensive data sets from earlier projects as well as from the national monitoring programme NOVANA in our work. In addition, we carry out research into effects of measures/tools and restoration on the ecological conditions and dynamics of streams and wetlands.

An important element of our section's work is research-based consultancy services to authorities and society, and our research therefore contributes actively to ensuring that the management of stream and wetland areas has a research-based foundation. We also contribute actively to the education of new biologists and agro-ecologists at bachelor, master and Ph.D. level at Aarhus University as well as at the Sino-Danish Centre of Education and Research in Beijing, China. In addition, we contribute actively to the continuing education of nature managers, advisers and high school teachers.

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Annette Baattrup-Pedersen
Senior Researcher

Phone: +4587158776

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Stream and Wetland Ecology
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