CAN Open Seminar

We have two distinguished scientists visiting Bioscience-Kalø in the second week of April, where they are going to act as external examiners at the PhD defense by James Henty Williams (on 12 April).   They have both accepted to give a presentation at Kalø on the day before the defense, and you are all very welcome to participate in the seminar.

2018.03.05 | Else Vihlborg Staalsen

Date Wed 11 Apr
Time 13:30 15:00
Location Salen, Jagtslottet, Kalø

M. Nils Peterson, University Faculty Scholar, North Carolina State University, USA:

  • Predicting recreational pathways to connection to nature among youth

    • Summary: Current generations may be less connected to nature than previous ones, but spending time alone in nature as well as with other people can counter this disconnect, particularly among children.

In this presentation I will describe an evaluation of the relative importance of alone and social time in nature, specific recreation activities (e.g., camping, hunting), and diverse backgrounds for predicting connection to nature among nine-to-twelve-year-olds in the southeastern U.S.A. I will also describe how participation in hunting shaped biodiversity knowledge and wildlife preferences among children.

Johan Elmberg, Professor, Kristianstad University, Sweden:

  • How can we make management of geese on agricultural land more effective? A lesson from Sweden.

    • Summary: Management of geese on agricultural land is especially challenging in parts of northwestern Europe; up to 8 species may co-occur locally over long time periods, each species having its specific management need.

My talk today will highlight how this challenge has been addressed in an area in southern Sweden characterized by very diversified agriculture and large numbers of geese present the year around.

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