Danish Wing Survey and hunting bag

Bestemmelse af vingerVinger af skeand

The Wing Survey in Denmark was started by a study of the woodcock back in 1970. From the beginning of the 1980s, the survey was extended to also include ducks and wading birds, and later geese and gulls were also included. Since then, the Wing Survey has been an important part of the Danish hunting bag statistics, in which the species specific bag sizes of most dabbling ducks and diving ducks are calculated based on their relative occurrence in the sample of wings submitted by hunters. In their annual bag reports, hunters did not report on species, but lumped their bag into the groups dabbling ducks, diving ducks, geese and gulls. From 2014, there is no hunting season for mergansers, gulls and female eider.

                                Result 1 April: 13,242 wings

Detailed information

In addition to contributing to the calculation of hunting bag in Denmark, the Wing Survey also gives detailed species specific information of the spatial and temporal distribution of the bag, the hunting susceptibility of different sex and age classes, and provides an index of the annual breeding success (juvenile-adult ratios). Read more about the Wing Survey in the description of the background (in Danish).

Voluntary contributions from hunters

Aarhus University’s annual Wing Survey is based on voluntary contributions from hunters. Since the season 1982/83, more than 2,400 hunters have submitted more than 388,000 wings (2015). The best season was 2004/05, in which a total of 21,217 wings were collected. For each 1.000 wings submitted, participants can win a hunting knife in a lottery each month.

Send in wings, the postage is free

Special envelopes for free shipping can be obtained by calling ph. 87155000 or by e-mailing vinger@bios.au.dk. Likewise, expenses for packing are reimbursed.
Bioscience, Kalø, would like to receive wings from:

  • Dabbling ducks, Diving ducks, geese, coot, woodcock, snipe

Instructions for submitting wings is seen via the link above on the wing.

Information and results

Since the 2004/05 season, an annual report has no longer been published. Instead, results from the wing survey will be published on this page and disseminated through relevant journals.
Previous reports can be seen here .

You are welcome to contact the Department of Bioscience if you have questions about the wing survey, if you cannot find the answer on this page.

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