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05.09.2019 | CEM

Four new Masters's students at CEM

A warm welcome to Christian, Lærke, Rosa and Morten who are joining us this semester.

02.09.2019 | CEM

The origins of cable bacteria

An international team lead by professor Andreas Schramm from the Center for Electromicrobiology has recently published a paper in PNAS about the origins of cable bacteria.

28.05.2019 | CEM

WANTED: Students for cable bacteria projects

Join us for your biological project, bachelor project or masters theses and be a part of the next major discovery in this rapidly expanding field of research.

16.04.2019 | CEM

New BA student

A warm welcome to BA student Anders Jensen.

08.04.2019 | CEM

Welcome to Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen

Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen is a Biologist from the University of Mar del Plata, Argentina. He is visiting us for 1½ month.

13.03.2019 | CEM

Welcome to Yonggang Yang

Yonggang Yang is a guest researcher at CEM for 2 months.

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