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01.12.2018 | CEM

New PhD student

Welcome to Vincent Scholz.

01.11.2018 | CEM

New PhD student

Welcome to Benjamin Smed Korsgaard.

11.10.2018 | CEM

New Assistant professor

Welcome to Ian Marshall

15.08.2018 | CEM

New people

Welcome to Joan M. Bernhard and Ralf Wessbecher

04.05.2018 | CEM

Voltage loss in cable bacteria

Together with colleagues from the Netherlands and Austria, researchers from Aarhus University have used laser-spectrometry as an advanced voltmeter to follow electrons through cable bacteria.

16.03.2018 | CEM

New people

Welcome to Krutika Bavishi, Taner Drace and Vincent Scholz

27.02.2018 | CEM

New students

Welcome to Katrine Zacho-Jørgensen and Sofie Salholt.

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