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Welcome to Joan M. Bernhard and Ralf Wessbecher

15.08.2018 | Maria Blach Nielsen

Joan M. Bernhard
Joan is a guest researcher from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution , and she is here for 4 months, and she will be merging two methods aimed to show in situ distributions of cable bacteria and their associates within sediments: FLEC (Fluorescently Labeled Embedded Core method, Bernhard et al. 2003 L&O) is used to visualize all benthos while subsequent FISH will elucidate desired target taxa.

Ralf Weßbecher
Ralf is a Master' student, and he will stay until the end of December.  He is assisting Joan M. Bernhard in developing the FISH-FLEC methodological refinement, to get visual information of the electric ecosystem. This approach would help to identify interactions between the cable bacteria and the associated microbial community and the geosphere on a microscale.