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Welcome to Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen

Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen is a Biologist from the University of Mar del Plata, Argentina. He is visiting us for 1½ month.

08.04.2019 | Maria Blach Nielsen

During his PhD studies he explored the adhesion of bacteria to metals and consequent biofilm formation, paying special attention to microbial influence on electrochemical reactions controlling the corrosion process.

He also studied the influence of potential on microbial cells, as a prelude to his following investigations on electro-active bacteria, which continue until present days.

Collaboration with European scientist through several projects (INTERBAC, BACWIRE, iMETland) has been fruitful for the Argentinean group he leads, and now Dr. Busalmen is visiting CEM to exchange knowledge and widen his network with local experts.