Under Pressure Microbially-Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR)

Alberto Scoma receives 3 months funding from the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre’s (DHRTC) to pursue his “radical innovation sprint idea”

11.09.2017 | Maj Thimm Carlsen

Alberto Scoma will during the next three months investigate his idea to figure out whether it have potential or not to impact the future development of the oil and gas industry.

Alberto will be looking at Microbially-enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) which is a biological process where microorganisms degrade the heavier fraction of hydrocarbons hold by petroleum, thereby decreasing petroleum's density and favouring its extraction from reservoirs. Oil reservoirs conditions are different to surface conditions especially with respect to temperature and pressure. As pressure is difficult to incorporate in experimental setups it is largely neglected during initial research phases in MEOR and at times large amounts of research is discarded once pressure is applied to experiments. The present project aims at sequence the genome of hydrostatic-pressure-adapted microbial-oil-degraders to find common metabolic traits which can help  identify potential microorganisms for MEOR purpose.

 You can read more here: http://scitech.au.dk/en/about-science-and-technology/current-affairs/news/show/artikel/13-radical-ideas-launched/

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