Biotechnology concerns the practical application of biological organisms (e.g. fungi and bacteria) for the benefit of mankind and spans a multitude of different scientific disciplines. Biotechnology is not only a synonym for industrial manufacturing of microbial produces such as antibiotics, hormones, enzymes and alcoholic beverages but also includes the application of microorganisms for treatment of domestic sewage and wastewater, degradation of pollutants and production of biofuels and synthesis chemicals from renewable resources. Biotechnology is of immense importance for the world economy and in developing greener and more sustainable communities.


At the Section for Microbiology we have during the last 10 years been engaged in a number of larger biotechnological research projects in collaboration with Danish companies and institutions, including – Arla Food, Cheminova, DONG Energy, Danida, The Danish Technological Institute, Maersk Oil and Gas, and Skov Inc.


Current biotechnological research projects at our section:


“Sustainable production of biogas from waste rice straw in the Mekong Delta” Funded by Danida/Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. (link to project page/description: ).

Contact: Associate professor Kjeld Ingvorsen (


”Micro-cable based bionanoelectronics”

Funded by Det Frie Forskningsråd | Teknologi og Produktion (2013-2016)

Contact: Professor Lars Peter Nielsen (


“Electrogas - The renewable e-power buffer”                                             

Funded by DSF (2015-2018). Methods for feeding electricity (electrons) or electrolytically-produced H2 into biogas plants to improve methane yield will be investigated.

Contact: Professor Niels Peter Revsbech ( or professor Lars Peter Nielsen ( 

We offer the following master-level courses in biotechnology:

Applied Microbiology

Microbial Fermentation/Biotechnology

Microbial fermentation in our labs.
Biogas research laboratory, Can Tho University, Vietnam