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Genomics in Environmental Microbiology

PhD Course at Aarhus University from October 19 to October 30, 2015

                                                                                      "Arrive with a DNA sample, leave with a genome"


Course Description

This two-week course covers the process of sequencing, assembling and annotating a bacterial or archaeal genome from scratch. It then builds on these skills to train students in further analysis of microbial genomes, such as the prediction of metabolic pathways, comparative genomics, and phylogenomics. This course goes deeper than basic "push-button" genome assembly and annotation tools - students learn how relevant genomics software tools work and how to make intelligent, situation-dependent decisions when analysing microbial genomes. Students work on real data related to their own research by submitting DNA from an isolate of their choosing several weeks before the course begins. Illumina MiSeq sequencing is then carried out so that sequencing data is ready for students when they arrive.


Is this the course for you?

If you are a PhD student who would like to answer a research question using a microbial genome but don't know how to analyse your data, then this is the course for you. This course is targeted at students who do not have a strong bioinformatics background to start out with - bioinformaticians will be able cover the same material more efficiently with self-study. Non-PhD students (postdocs, masters students, lecturers, and others) will be accepted to the class if space permits. The class is free for all participants from Danish universities.


About the Instructors

Lars Schreiber and Ian Marshall are postdocs at the Center for Geomicrobiology at Aarhus University. They have extensive experience in the analysis of genomes, single-cell genomes, and metagenomes.



For registration please submit your CV, a max. 200-word description of your PhD project and your motivation for taking the class, and a max. 200-word description of the sequencing project you plan on carrying out during the class. Submit these items by email to Ian Marshall (ianpgm@bios.au.dk) and Lars Schreiber (lars.schreiber@bios.au.dk) by August 1, 2015.


Further Information

For further information please visit http://phd.au.dk/gradschools/scienceandtechnology/courses/scientificcourses/genomics-in-environmental-microbiology-2015/ and/or e-mail the course instructors at the addresses above. This course is worth 5 ECTS credits.