Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in a Changing World

  •  Inauguration on November 9 2017 at Aarhus University




The VILLUM Investigator project - BIOCHANGE aims to provide new breakthroughs in:

(1) our understanding and predictive capacity of the complex dynamics that will be of high importance for biodiversity and ecosystems and their crucial services to society in a world with a large, rapidly growing human population and massive climate change,

(2) our ability to employ the growing richness and quality of relevant Big Data, notably from remote sensing, to study, monitor and manage these dynamics, and

(3) the ways nature and society interact, notably in terms of the dependence of human well-being on nature and biodiversity and our capacity to optimally plan landscape development to promote biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being. The research will provide new analytical tools for forecasting ecological dynamics and impacts, and handling and using the rapidly growing amount of relevant Big Data.

BIOCHANGE will focus on four main themes:

VILLUM Investigator Ceremony

Thursday April 27 14.30-17.30 at VILLUM Window Collection, Maskinvej 4, 2860 Søborg    

Photo by Simon Knudsen
Photo by Simon Knudsen