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ons 11 sep
09:15-10:00 | Institut for Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114-116, bygning 1540-324
Emma-Liina Marjakangas: Species interactions within and between trophic levels: drivers and conservation
Seminar: Økoinformatik og biodiversitet
ons 04 sep
09:15-10:00 | Institut for Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114-116, bygning 1540-324
Dr Christopher E Gordon: A tale of two studies: trophic cascades, fire regimes and ecosystem dynamics in an Australian context
Seminar: Økoinformatik og biodiversitet
man 19 aug
09:00-15:00 | Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in Changing World (BIOCHANGE) and Section for Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity (ECOINF), Ny Munkegade 114, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
PhD course in Megafauna ecology – shaping past, present and future ecosystems
August 19-23, 2019
man 05 aug
13:26-13:26 | Hólar, Iceland
IRSAE summer school in Iceland
Julia Mata, Michael Munk and Oskar LP Hansen participated in the 9th IRSAE summer school at Háskólinn á Hólum, Hólar, Iceland, August 5-9.
man 29 jul
13:49-13:50 |
Plant Week
BIOCHANGE sponsored the Girls in Science: Plant Week from 29 July- 2 August 2019, where young girls spent a week at the Botanical Garden’s greenhouses learning about different stages of a plant’s life.
lør 25 maj
00:00-00:00 | Søndermarken - Copenhagen, Denmark
Bloom Festival - Jens-Christian Svenning talks at Festival for Science and Nature
tor 23 maj
00:00-00:00 | Hirtshals, Denmark
Naturmødet - with participation by Jens-Christian Svenning
man 13 maj
13:00-15:00 | 1540 - 324, Department of Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114, 8000 Aarhus C
Qualifying exam PhD Student Vincent Fehr: Non-native palms as generators of novel ecosystems
ons 24 apr
14:00-18:00 | The event will take place in and around Stakladen, Ndr. Ringgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C
Festival of Research - Professor Jens-Christian Svenning will among others give a lecture
tor 28 feb
13:15-15:15 | Department of Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114, bgld. 1540-324
Ecological Effects of Rewilding New World Savanna Ecosystems, with special focus on Corrientes, Argentina: Julia Carolina Mata: qualifying exam