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ons 12 aug
11:00-13:00 | Aarhus Universitet
Corypophoideae (Arecaceae) Phylogeny Taxonomy & Biogeography
Kvalifikationseksamen, del A: Mads Peter Petø, Økoinformatik og biodiversitet
tor 13 aug
15:00-17:00 | Aarhus Universitet
Cross-Scale integration of changing shrub vegetation and its interaction with local climate in arctic tundra
Kvalifikationseksamen, del A: Jonathan Von Oppen, Økoinformatik og biodiversitet
man 24 aug
08:15-17:00 | Institut for Biologi, Zoofysiologi, C.F. Møllers Allé 3, Bygning 1131, 8000 Aarhus C
24.-26. august 2020
ons 26 aug
15:00-17:00 | Aarhus Universitet
Disentangling Drivers of Shrub Growth and Recruitment Across Greenland
Kvalifikationseksamen, del A: Candice Casandra Power, Økoinformatik og biodiversitet
fre 28 aug
13:00-15:00 | Aarhus University, Silkeborg (D2.04)
Interaction between effects of natural stressors and phenanthene on soil intervetebrates and their detoxification mechanisms
Qualifying exam
man 07 sep
14:00-15:00 | Online via Zoom
Critical Transitions in Nature and Society
Webinar by Professor Marten Scheffer from Wageningen University
tir 15 dec
20:00-21:00 | Online via Zoom
A deep history of human adaptation and changing climate on the Eastern Tibetan plateau
Webinar by Associate Professor Jade d’Alpoim Guedes from University of California
man 13 sep
09:00-15:00 | The Conference is held in Maastricht, the Netherlands
5th International Interdisciplinary Conference on LAND USE AND WATER QUALITY: Agriculture and the Environment