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Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen: What we nearly know about bioelectrochemical wetlands

Seminar: Akvatisk biologi

06.05.2019 | Anne Kirstine Mehlsen

Dato tor 09 maj
Tid 09:45 10:15
Sted Institut for Bioscience, Ole Worms Alle 1, bygning 1135-234

Foredragsholder: Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen, National Research Council (CONICET), Universidad National de Mar del Plata and Institute for Materials Research and Technology (INTEMA), Argentina.


After studying electro-active bacteria for more than a decade and learning about the way in which they connect to electrodes and to each other for producing electricity, the electromicrobiology group at INTEMA get involved in the most promising application of these amazing microbes: the iMETland project. It was a European innovation action that successfully pushed  the technology of bioelectrochemical wetlands to the market, even when scientific basis behind its performance are still to be elucidated. In this seminar the very basic concepts of bacterial electro-activity will be presented, as a prelude for the discussion about what we presently know of the emerging METland technology.

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