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Tanja Stratmann: Goldrush in the deep sea: Environmental impacts of polymetallic nodule extraction

Seminar: Akvatisk biologi

01.02.2019 | Anne Kirstine Mehlsen

Dato man 04 feb
Tid 10:30 11:15
Sted Institut for Bioscience, Ole Worms Allé 1, bygning 1135-234

Foredragsholder:Tanja Stratmann, Postdoc at Marine Biology Research Group, Ghent University in Belgium


As land-based mines for metals such as cobalt, nickel or copper are either located in politically instable countries or are more and more depleted, mining of deep-sea minerals has been considered. These minerals include polymetallic nodules, cobalt-rich crusts, and massive sulfide deposits and their extraction will have severe consequences of the ecosystem. Over the last 5 years I studied the environmental impacts of polymetallic nodule extraction in the Pacific Ocean using different scientific approaches. In this talk I will explain how I used binary food-web models, the analysis of deep-sea still images, in situ pulse-chase experiments with stable isotopes, and carbon-based food-web models to assess the environmental effects of deep-sea mining and discuss whether the ecosystem will recover and if so at which time scales. 

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