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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation

The section works with biodiversity and nature preservation. We collect knowledge about conditions and developments in nature and we study how human activities and natural processes affect endangered nature.

The strategic justification of the section is the biodiversity crisis. Nature’s biodiversity is declining and this has resulted in the convention on biodiversity, the bird preservation directive, the habitats directive, the Natura 2000 network and national nature conservation legislation. At the same time, there is a great demand for integrating nature conservation and biodiversity considerations into agriculture, forestry, fishery, hunting and urban development.

Strategic research and consultancy

The effects on endangered nature are often cumulative and dependent on time and space, and we develop methods that take this into account. Our strategic research supports comprehensive consultancy provided to the government, municipalities and the public about the conditions and developments in Danish nature. In addition, we provide consultancy on evidence- based cost effective measures for preservation, management, land-planning and nature restoration.

Core services

Some of the section’s core services comprise professionally supporting monitoring of biodiversity, national databases on nature, analyzing monitoring data, reporting results from monitoring and keeping the Danish red list on endangered species current. The section contributes to teaching and developing talent, so that master and PhD students have the necessary expertise in this vital part of society.


Flemming Skov

Deputy Head of Department, Senior Researcher


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