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JESPER GIVSKOV SØRENSEN - Environmental adaptation


All organisms are affected by the surrounding abiotic and biotic environment. This environment challenges the survival of individuals and population. My research interests revolve around the process of evolutionary adaptation – causes and consequences. This is primarily done in insects and other invertebrates and with temperature, water and food as environmental variables. The aim of this work is to understand the drivers of distribution and persistence of populations, and the mechanisms that are affected by these drivers. The work spans from global patterns over organismal phenotypes to genes and genomes. My projects venture into the fields of biological control and ageing, but is particularly centred around the interplay between phenotypic plasticity (acclimation) and fixed genetic adaptation, the effects on life history and stress tolerance and molecular mechanisms induced by fluctuating and unpredictable environmental variables.

Present funding of the projects in my lab comes from:

AUFF-Starting grant (mechanisms of adaptation)

The Villum Fundation (through a Post doc grant to on aspects of plasticity to Heidi Maclean, main applicant Johannes Overgaard)

DFF-FTP (through a frame grant to work on optimizing biological control agent, main applicant Martin Holmstrup)


See more at https://sorensenlab.wordpress.com/

Group members

Heidi MacLean

Visiting Researcher