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TOVE HEDEGAARD JØRGENSEN - Host-parasite interactions



In my research I investigate the ecological and evolutionary forces that drive and maintain biodiversity both at the intra- and inter-specific level. Specifically, I use a combination of field observations, controlled experiments and molecular tools in a population genetic framework to understand the evolutionary processes maintaining plant diversity. One major focus is the processes that maintain diversity in host-parasite interactions in the wild. Here I work primarily on plants and their pathogens but extend the research to animal systems as well.


Current projects

From seaweed waste to biostimulant: Exploring the potential of seaweed in the fight against plant disease (in collaboration with Marine Ecology, Department of Chemistry and Department of Food Science).

Academic and educational development


I am affiliated the Science and Technology Learning Lab  at Aarhus University (part time). Here I work to develop and implement new methods in teaching and supervision across the faculty. I am particularly interested in doctoral supervision and I deliver workshops and courses to Faculty on this subject.