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Our teaching in evolutionary biology provides fundamental insights into natural selection, speciation, processes that drive adaptation to the environment, stress biology, population genetics, and behavioural biology. A specialization in evolutionary biology open many career paths both in the public and the private sector, for example in environmental surveillance, consultancies, teaching, and research.

The courses are rooted in the research of the section, and include diversity of life, evolutionary adaptation, population genetics, conservation genetics, molecular genetics, behavioural ecology, environmental DNA. These subjects provide a broad theoretical background, and in additional training in relevant methods and skills, such as DNA extraction and molecular genetics, analyses of genetic data, experimental evolution, field experiments with animals and plants, statistical analyses, modelling, development of experimental designs, project management, scientific writing.

We teach the following courses:


  • Academic writing (Tove Hedegaard Jørgensen)
  • Advanced Zoology Field Course (Trine Bilde)
  • Behavioural Biology (Trine Bilde)
  • Biological Research in Theory and Practise (Philip Francis Thomsen)
  • Conservation Genetics and Molecular Ecology (Michael Møller Hansen, Torsten Nygaard Kristensen)
  • Experimental Evolutionary Biology (Jesper Givskov Sørensen, Tove Hedegaard Jørgensen)
  • Evolutionary genetics (Volker Loeschcke)
  • Genetics and Evolution (Tove Hedegaard Jørgensen, Jesper Givskov Sørensen)
  • Field course in Population Ecology (Philip Francis Thomsen)
  • Introduction to Evolution and Cell Biology (Peter Funch)
  • Zoology (Peter Funch)