Aarhus University Seal / Aarhus Universitets segl

 Seal observations

Investigations of harbour seals in Limfjorden and Karup Å,

and their impact on the Karup Å trout stock. 

Help scientists spot the seals


A web based reporting tool has been launched in cooperation with Limfjordsrådet to map the observations of seals in Limfjorden and the adjacent streams (link: https://www.limfjordsraadet.dk/projekter/saelobservationer/). Here, it is possible to register your seal observations, including how many seals were observed, at what time and where, as well as uploading videos and pictures. In that way, everybody can contribute to the mapping of seal occurrence in the streams. If the images are of good quality, it is even possible to see if it is the same individuals by looking at their unique pelage patterns and colourations.

Based on these observations, 4 camera traps have been set up alongside Karup Å, at locations with many seal observations. The cameras are activated and takes a picture every time a movement is detected. So far, no seals have been photographed, but other animals such as otter, cormorant and heron have been captured. Furthermore, drone surveys of Karup Å are conducted to investigate how many seals are in the stream at a given time.

Video and photos

See how a habour seal fights a big trout in Karup Å. Filmed by a local in september 2017 and edited by Emilie Nicoline Stepien.
Along the stream, wildlife cameras take pictures when activated by movement, in hope of catching pictures of seals. So far most of the pictures are of birds. This video show some pictures of the setup together with photos of cormorants and a single otter, taken by the wildlife cameras. The wildlife camera at Sundsøre Tange is set up to monitor the seal haul out place.