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Ecosystem Services

Natural ecosystems interact with people, and in this way people benefit from the resources/processes that come from nearby ecosystems and on the field itself. Overall, these services are called ecosystem services, and they include i.e. food production, water purification, pest control, etc. Our section particularly studies the unique interaction between plants and insects and how wild species affect cultivated/domesticated species through interaction. We work with the following services:

  • Pest control
    • The research focuses on how natural enemies of pests and weeds can be used to control them as an alternative to pesticides. Read more about this under Biological control.
  • Pollination
    • In pollination interaction, wild, flower visiting insects aid in the pollination of crops, a service that on a worldwide basis has been calculated to be worth billions of kroner a year. Our section studies how to map pollination services in Denmark and examines which measures can help to preserve and promote natural populations of pollinating insect. Read more about this here Pollination.

Tree planting and carbon sequestration