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Genetically modified organisms

The ecological risk assessment of genetically modified plants (GMP) and animals is handled by the Department of Bioscience on behalf of AU – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE)*. Assignments include commenting on and assessing Danish and other EU countries’ marketing applications as well as professional consultancy and support to the Ministry of the Environment and Food of Denmark. In addition, Danish and international communications are also included regarding releases and participation in relevant EU contexts. The ecological risk assessment of GMP by DCE, AU, is part of the overall risk assessment by the Ministry of the Environment and Food of Denmark along with the agricultural and health risk assessment.

Public sector consultancy is research based and is performed by a group of researchers with broad expertise in e.g. the fields of biotechnology developments, plant ecology and genetics.

*DCE = previously the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) at Aarhus University (AU).