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Control methods

Pest control

The Department of Bioscience conducts research in the field of pest control. Biological control means using live organisms to control other harmful organisms. The best known example of this is probably ladybugs that are used for control of aphids.

One of the areas in which Aarhus University is ahead of the game is in the use of ants in pest control. Studies are being conducted in Africa and Australia, and recently we started up in Denmark as well with the project ANTAID and MothStop, which respectively studies whether the common black garden ant can be used to control aphids and whether forest ants can be used to combat winter months in organic apple orchards. As far as the black garden ant  goes, it is necessary to change its behavior so that it does not help the aphids, but eat them instead.

In addition to working in Denmark, we work in Australia, Benin, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.