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Food web modeling

Population dynamic food web models are being used to investigate the impact of man-made ”manipulations” of ecosystems. The manipulations can be applications of pesticides and biocontrol agents in agricultural ecosystem, environmental toxins, and utilization of forests and grassland. The models are metabolic pool models where the driving mechanism is the temperature dependent innate demand for growth , and the growth is controlled by how well this demand is satiated. This means that if the resources for growth (light and nitrogen for plants, food for animals) are limited the population will grow at a reduced rate.  Simulations are based on weather files that most often are real records but in some cases also predictions.

The models are being developed to be elements in decision support systems in:

  1. Danish agriculture
  2. Biocontrol of pests in the tropics 
  3. Desertification and degradation processes in the Undesert project in West Africa.