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PestNaB is a detailed indicator for the impact of pesticides on nature. Like any other pesticide indicator for impacts on nature, PestNaB is a relative impact indicator that only is able to determine whether nature is being impacted to a higher or lesser degree. E.g. whether the impact one year is greater/less than another year or whether the impact in one part of the country is greater/less than in another part of the country. Therefore, the indicator cannot be used to determine whether an actual impact takes place, but rather as a guideline to minimize the risk of possible exposure. In its current form, it does not include groundwater or health. Calculation methods, sensitivity, uncertainty and the basis for data have been assessed in PestNaB. The conclusion was, among other things, that PestNaB is an indicator based on accepted principles for environmental risk assessment of chemical substances.

Despite the fact that significant progresses has been made regarding developing methods to calculate critical loads based on the targets for biodiversity on a European level, scientific consensus is still absent as well as solid, international recommendations for selecting methods, indicators and criteria on different scales. Calculations have been made on a European scale; however, these calculations only comprise a limited number of habitats and have, so far, been based on relatively arbitrary criteria. Therefore, as part the work carried out, it has been attempted to clarify which methods, indicators and criteria can be used for calculating and mapping critical loads in Denmark based on the targets for biodiversity.