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Barcoding of Soil Fauna

This area of research is relatively new to the Section of Soil Fauna and Ecotoxicology. The Section is involved in a large EU FP7 project on soil biodiversity – ECOFINDERS – where barcoding of soil dwelling species is an essential part of the project. Furthermore, the Section is involved in projects aiming to identify and barcode collembolan species from a Danish forest floor and from arctic areas.

Since it was proposed to identify species by small sequences of DNA with e.g. less than 1000 bp (base pairs) popularized by the term barcode, future monitoring of biodiversity was envisaged to include barcoding (Hebert et al., 2003; Hogg and Hebert, 2004; Rougerie et al., 2009). It is now a rapidly increasing collectively endeavour supported by the infrastructure of the iBOL project (the International Barcode of Life project). By supporting the iBOL project, the Section contributes to the study of the genetic of biodiversity.

The barcoding within our Section is performed in collaboration with the Spatial Foodweb Ecology Group, University of Helsinki, within the program “DNA Barcode Library for (Northeast) Greenland”. NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and bioinformatics are under development to be employed for metagenomics and metabarcoding, but in particular for the analysis of eDNA and determination of soil invertebrate biodiversity.



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