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Technical reports

Bat mitigation on roads in Europe - an overview (800 kb)

Effectiveness of mitigating measures for bats - a review (848 kb)  

Hop-overs and their effects on flight heights and patterns of commuting bats – a field experiment (1.3 mb)  

Future research needs for the mitigation of the effects of roads on bats (274 kb)

Final project report (1.6 mb)


Richtlijnen voor het mitigeren van effecten van wegen op vleermuizen (1.6 mb)

Guía para mitigar los atropellos de murciélagos (1.7 mb)    

Bat mitigation measures on roads - a guideline (2.0 mb)

Presentations on workshops and conferences

Bat Conservation Trust, Wildlife and Transport Infrastructure Symposium, 24. March 2015, London

The International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET), 20. - 24. Sep. 2015, North Carolina

Ecology in Practice, March 2016, The Netherlands

Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE) 2016 Conference, 30. Aug. - 2. Sep., Lyon (poster)

National Road Authority meeting, Oct. 2016, The Netherlands

CEDR Roads & Wildlife End-of-programme event, Nov. 2016, Cologne


Journal papers

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