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BIO Match

The Department of Bioscience and Department of Biology is heating up collaboration between business, research and education.

The latest arrangement was held on 22 January 2020 at Aarhus University.

BIO Match is a networking and career day for businesses, organizations and authorities, as well as for researchers and students at the Department of Bioscience. The event has one clear goal: To bring business closer to the department’s researchers and students and vice versa.

Participation is free, and the event is a mixture of short presentations and a marketplace. Here, businesses, organizations and authorities can place their own stands, where they can present themselves, network, exchange ideas and discuss opportunities and potentials for collaboration with researchers and students.

Several funds supporting multi-disciplinary research collaboration with businesses, associations and authorities are also participating.

BIO Match is organized by the Business Committee at the Department of Bioscience/Department of Biology in collaboration with the Innovation Fund.

Next BIO Match is planned to be held in 2021.