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The Department of Bioscience tracks developments in selected animals, plants and habitats. We study how species interact with their natural surroundings and with human activities. This knowledge is used in nature management, i.e. quality of nature, nature types, management of hunting and game, forests, land use, landscapes and effects of wind farms.

We provide consultancy to the Ministry of Environment and Food on the following topics regarding nature and biodiversity:

  • The state of nature and biodiversity on land
    Terrestrial nature | The Danish Red List| Orchid monitoring
  • Biodiversity in streams, lakes and river valleys
    Freshwater environments
  • Natural resources in the sea and nature restoration
  • Integrated effects from human and natural impacts
  • The importance of agriculture and forestry on biodiversity
  • Birds, mammals and hunting and game management
  • Arctic nature, environment and ecosystems


We also offer consultancy within all our areas of expertise to other public and private parties.