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The Department of Bioscience conducts research into the turnover and effects of nitrogen and phosphorus, effects of selected environmental pollutants, sustainable utilisation of water resources, marine mammals and restoration of lakes and streams. We also investigate how the greenhouse effect will affect the aquatic environment, and we construct mathematical models that can be used to forecast the development.

We provide consultancy services to the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Food on the following topics within the field of water:

  •  Nutrient and pesticide loading of freshwater ecosystems
  •  Impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems
  •  Nature restoration of streams, lakes and riparian areas
  •  Environmental monitoring in freshwater
  •  Ecological modelling of the marine environment
  •  Biological indicators and management models for the marine environment
  •  Climate effects in marine areas in Denmark and in the Arctic.

We also provide consultancy to other public and private clients within all our areas of expertise.