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Freshwater Environment

In a constantly changing world, enormous strain is put on freshwater resources, and in order to secure our future, it is essential that we continuously understand the biological, chemical and physical processes concerning freshwater.

Freshwater merely constitutes a fraction of the global water volume, but is essential for all life on land. In Denmark, areas are mainly managed by agriculture and, to a certain extent, cultivation of fields and livestock production impact what nature contains, hydromorphological conditions, water quality and the biological conditions in the aquatic environment and the riparian areas. Through research, monitoring and consultancy, the Department of Bioscience identifies natural and environmental effects of agricultural and point source impacts on watercourses, lakes and marine areas in terms of e.g. nitrogen and phosphorous, sediment, heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants.

Via DCE, we advise the Ministry of the Environment, where we in connection with the management of surfacewater work with the following topics:

  • Effects of nutrient and pesticide loads on freshwater ecosystems
  • Effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems
  • Nature restoration in watercourses, lakes and river valleys
  • Environmental monitoring in freshwater