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2021.06.04 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media

Upper-secondary school students in the Danish Realm have direct access to vast amounts of climate data on Greenland klimadata

For 25 years, researchers have been collecting massive quantities of data on climate change in Greenland. Now the data is to be available to upper secondary school students through online courses.

2021.05.26 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

Our Post.doc. Mette Vodder Carstensen receives AUFF's PhD award

Five talented researchers set to receive Aarhus University Research Foundation’s PhD Award for their PhD projects from 2020. One of them is Post.doc. Mette Vodder Carstensen from Catchment Science and Environmental Management!

2021.05.21 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media

AromAdapt: The ecological genomics of chemical variation in aromatic plants

Forskere fra Aarhus Universitet vil kortlægge de kemiske variationer i planteolien og genetikken bag. Forskningen vil gøre os klogere på planters tilpasningsevner ved ændringer i klimaet.

2021.05.06 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

Eliteforsk Travel Grant awarded to Ane Pastor Rollan at Bioscience

Eliteforsk travel grants are awarded to very talented PhD students, allowing them travel abroad and improve their skills in the best research environments in the world.

2021.04.29 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media

Evaluating competition for forage plants between honey bees and wild bees in Denmark

Overlap of food and the Danish list of threatened species (red list) can help to guide action plans and management of bees in nature areas in Denmark, new research from leading European bee researchers from Aarhus University, among others, shows.

2021.04.09 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

23 researchers from Aarhus University chosen for new AIAS fellowship – among them is one of our own professors

In relation to a new AIAS fellowship called ”The AIAS Associate programme” 23 researchers from Aarhus University will be welcomed from April 1. One of them is Professor Dorte Krause Jensen from Marine Ecology.

2021.03.17 | Department of Bioscience, Staff, Public / media

Harbour porpoises attracted to oil platforms when searching for food

A large gathering of fish tempts harbour porpoises to search for food around oil and gas platforms, even though the noise from these industrial plants normally to scare the whales away. Decommissioned platforms may therefore serve as artificial reefs in the North Sea.

2021.03.10 | Department of Bioscience, Staff, Public / media

The narwhal’s tusk reveals its past living conditions

Every year, a new growth layer is added to the narwhal’s spiralled tusk. The individual layers act as an archive of data that reveals what and where the animal has eaten, providing a glimpse of how the ice and environmental conditions have changed over its long life span (up to 50 years).

2021.01.18 | Department of Bioscience, Staff, Public / media

No insect crisis in the Arctic - yet

Climate change is more pronounced in the Arctic than anywhere else on the planet, raising concerns about the ability of wildlife to cope with the new conditions. A new study shows that rare insects are declining, suggesting that climatic changes may favour common species.

2021.01.14 | Department of Bioscience, Staff, Public / media

Artificial intelligence puts focus on the life of insects

Scientists are combining artificial intelligence and advanced computer technology with biological know how to identify insects with supernatural speed. This opens up new possibilities for describing unknown species and for tracking the life of insects across Space and time.

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