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2020.03.20 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

Climate Change Ecological Entomology

Course Language: English Level of course: PhD course (MSc students accepted) Dates: 6-11 September 2020 Deadline for registering: 1 May 2020 ECTS credits: 3 ECTS

2020.03.11 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

Arrangements at Aurora

Due to the risk of spread of the coronavirus, the below measures are introduced regarding RV Aurora. All public events are cancelled for the time beingOnly the absolutely necessary persons must be on board the vesselThe rules of the vessel to minimise the spread of the coronavirus on board must be followed – ask the crew if you are…

2020.03.03 | Department of Bioscience, Public / media, Staff

The new holiday act: On 1 May, the mini holiday year will begin

On 1 September 2020, the new Danish Holiday Act will enter into force, and all employees will switch to concurrent holiday which means that holiday is earned on an ongoing basis and can also be taken on an ongoing basis. The transition to the new holiday act means that the period from 1 May to 31 August 2020 will be a so-called mini holiday year…