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The origins of cable bacteria

An international team lead by professor Andreas Schramm from the Center for Electromicrobiology has recently published a paper in PNAS about the origins of cable bacteria.

2019.08.30 | Maria Blach Nielsen

Read the paper here:

One the evolution and physiology of cable bacteriahttps://www.pnas.org/content/early/2019/08/14/1903514116


For more information:


Associate professor Kasper Urup Kjeldsen, Center for Geomicrobiology, Aarhus University; mail: kasperuk@bios.au.dk, phone (+45) 87156506

Professor Andreas Schramm, Center for Electromicrobiology, Aarhus University; mail: andreas.schramm@bios.au.dk, phone: (+45) 60202659

Professor Lars Peter Nielsen, Center for Electromicrobiology, Aarhus University; mail: lpn@bios.au.dk, phone: (+45) 60202654

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