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A New Network for Former Students and Employees Sees the Light of Day at Bioscience

With a new academic alumni network, the Department of Bioscience wants to create a lifelong relationship with its former biology students. The network gives the alumni a unique opportunity to keep in contact with their academic and study environment, participate in academic events and expand their professional networks.

2018.02.12 | Lea Laursen Pasgaard

[Translate to English:] Department of Bioscience invites all former students to the first Alumni Day 5 april. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen

Aarhus University has expanded its activities for alumni in recent years, and the Department of Bioscience now invites all former graduated biology students at Aarhus University to participate in a new alumni network, which is rooted in the close academic and study environment at the biology programme. 

Ambassadors of Biology

"The alumni are important ambassadors for the biology programme and Aarhus University, and therefore we really want to keep in touch and build on the relationship that has been created during the time at the university," Head of Department and Professor Hans Brix says.

It is free to participate in the alumni network and just requires registration in Aarhus University’s alumni database. The Department’s graduate students and employees (present and former) are also invited to participate in the network and alumni events that the Department will arrange in the future.

Are you an alumnus? Register for the network here! 

"We believe that the alumni network would be beneficial to both the alumni and the Department in general. Among other things, the alumni would have the opportunity to be updated on the latest research, participate in exclusive, academic events and expand their networks with each other across year groups and theses," Hans Brix says.

Head of Department and Senior Researcher Peter Henriksen adds:

"At the same time, the network can open up new opportunities for collaboration between researchers and alumni, and we hope by and large that the alumni with their experience can contribute to the development of the Department."

Alumni Day 2018

The first alumni event will take place on Thursday, 5 April where the Department will open its doors from   3:00 pm – 7:00 pm for the Alumni Day 2018 in the University Park. Here the alumni can immerse themselves in academic presentations about microscopic life and nature in a broad perspective; experience the latest research at a wide variety of stands and meet old friends from university and lecturers over a cold beer or soda.
"We hope our former students will see the same value in the network as we do, and that many people will attend the Alumni Day so we can get the network up and running. The network should be what we all want it to be. Therefore, we are of course also very interested in getting the alumni's input to what the new alumni network should contain," Peter Henriksen says.

Stay Updated

The Alumni Network has its own website on bios.au.dk/alumner, which will be regularly updated with relevant events, research news, alumni portraits and other alumni offers. On LinkedIn, alumni and other interested parties can also be updated on what happens in the field of bioscience by following Department of Bioscience.

Translated by Sissel Rønning

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