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Research and Consultancy

The Department of Bioscience conducts research in a wide range of biological disciplines and works with subjects ranging from DNA to entire ecosystems. Through our research, we provide independent, research-based consultancy to government agencies and businesses. Our consultancy is based on internationally recognised research within the fields of nature and the environment.

We provide consultancy on a national and international basis and in collaboration with private companies. Through our consultancy services to government agencies, we provide an academic and scientific basis for political decisions concerning nature and the environment. Among other things, this is done via AU's framework agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and through our work for Greenland's self-government.

The Department of Bioscience also plays an important part in relation to monitoring nature and the marine environment in Denmark for the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. The department has four scientific data centres that contribute to ensuring that Denmark complies with legal obligations.

The Danish Centre for Energy and the Environment (DCE) contributes to the department's consultancy and monitoring by means of coordination, quality assurance and dissemination. In addition, the Centre provides strategic and legal support for the projects.