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The Marine Ecology Section in Silkeborg works with consultancy services and monitoring related to the marine environment and with development of methods and management tools within the framework of the Marine Topic Centre (M-FDC). Other focus areas are strategic research, communication and teaching. A number of master and PhD students are attached to the Section taking an active part in our ongoing projects.

Areas of focus:

Marine monitoring

  • Monitoring, consultancy and the Marine Topic Centre

Turnover of nitrogen and carbon in marine areas

  • Carbon turnover in Arctic waters – how the production and degradation of plankton algae influence the exchange of carbon dioxide between the sea and the atmosphere
  • Nitrogen turnover in the sea – the processes anammox and denitrification catalyzing the removal of plant-available nitrogen from the marine environment
  • Microorganism turnover of nitrogen – how bacteria and small eukaryotes store and convert nitrogen

Coastal zone ecology

  • Which factors regulate the distribution, biomass and growth of coastal zone plants and macroalgae, how plant and algae communities can be used as indicators of ecological quality, and how to commercially exploit macroalgae and their ingredients.


  • monitoring, cultivation, optimisation of ingredients


John Jensen

Deputy Head of Department, Senior Researcher


Marine Ecology
Aarhus Universitet
Institut for Bioscience
Vejlsøvej 25
8600 Silkeborg