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Marine monitoring

Marine monitoring and consultancy services

Together with the Marine Topic Centre (M-FDC) we work with programme monitoring, method development and quality assurance, reporting and knowledge transfer as well as concrete monitoring tasks. Follow this link to M-FDC to learn more.

Marine monitoring

The section provides consultancy services relative to monitoring and programmes, including advice for revisions and adjustments of the monitoring programme and continuous scientific discussions. As part of the ongoing method development and quality assurance, M-FDC undertakes research-based and operational method development for sampling, etc. Moreover, technical guidelines for sampling and data analysis to ensure coordinated and systematic data gathering are elaborated, making sure that joint measurement methods and standards are used and that these are of satisfactory quality.

As a follow-up to the above, drafts are prepared for paradigms for scientific reporting of sub-programmes. Moreover, monitoring data are analysed with a view to elaboration of reports on the development and status of the monitoring undertaken within the sub-programmes at a general nation-wide level. In addition, M-FDC contributes to the EU reporting on the Habitats Directive through compilation and interpretation of data.

An annual marine report is prepared summarising the development within Danish marine areas together with four-yearly oxygen depletion reports. See links in the right margin.

Consultancy services

Our services are mainly directed at the Ministry of the Environment but are also provided to other authorities and companies. The consultancy services provided to the Ministry of the Environment are focused on monitoring and directives (particularly the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the Water Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive) in connection with international conventions (HELCOM and OSPAR) and involve participation in international working croups/expert committees/projects. The consultancy services typically concern nutrients, environmental contaminants, climate changes and structural shifts in the marine environment due to changed loading.

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