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Underwater noise and porpoise activity in Kattegat (TANGO)

TANGO is a project based on a governmental decision, to redirect one of the most trafficked shipping rutes in Kattegat, Denmark, Rute-T. This redirection will make it possible to measure noise-reduction and -increase in places with a high porpoise population. Read more about project TANGO.

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Disturbance Effects on the Harbour Porpoise Population in the North Sea (DEPONS)

The harbour porpoise is influenced by a wide range of anthropogenic disturbances, including noise from wind turbines and ships. This influences the individual animals’ ability to forage efficiently, which, in turn, affects their survival and the size of the population. The objective of the DEPONS project is to develop an agent-based population model for assessing the population effects of anthropogenic noise with a focus on the impact of construction of wind farms in the North Sea. Read more about the project on PURE and depons.au.dk.

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The impact of pollutants on key species in the Baltic Sea (BaltHealth)

BONUS BALTHEALTH sets out to investigate multilevel food web impacts of man-made pollutants, animal-borne diseases and climate change in order to quantify powerful indicators of individual, population, and ecosystem health in the Baltic Sea. Read more about the project on PURE and Bonus Balthealth.

Livestreaming of harbour porpoises

Livestreaming - Harbour porpoises

A project with the purpose of bringing more awareness to the world of the harbour porpoise and to let the sound of Little Belt into the lives of the public. Furthermore, it gives scientists the opportunity to learn more about the life of the harbour porpoise. The recordings will provide more knowledge about how the porpoises use the area around the reef and help us understand how underwater noise can affect the porpoises living in this highly trafficked area.

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Seals in streams - Limfjorden and Karup Å

The purpose of these studies is to investigate the harbour seal’s impact on the trout stock in Karup Å through diet analysis from seals and mapping of seal occurrence and movement in the areas close to the stream. Two non-lethal mitigation methods, seal scarers and electrical fields, are investigated and evaluated for potential implementation. Read more about the project Seals in streams.

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ZORRO works to unveil the risk for hunters and wildlife consumers of acquiring zoonotic diseases, but also the risk of these zoonoses to be disseminated to the general public in the Arctic. Furthermore, it investigates possible links between accumulation of environmental chemicals in wildlife and the burden of diseases, incl. zoonoses. In its work, ZORRO involves multiple interdisciplinary fields and firmly embraces the “OneHealth” concept and approach. Read more about the Nordic collaboration project ZORRO.