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Climatic Stress Lab

The Climatic Stress Lab by Professor Martin Holmstrup and Associate professor Stine Slotsbo is a research group under Department of Terrestrial Ecology

Photo: Martin Holmstrup

Climatic Stress Lab have been on a field trip at Mols to collect springtails for drought experiments. On the branches of mulberry bushes, we found several hundred cosmopolitan springtails Entomobrya nivalis.

100 boxes of Enchytraeus produced by Nexø Harbor A/S. The worms are going to be used for a large-scale experiments with flounder and turbot, conducted by Fishlab and Venøsund Fish and Seafood Aps. The project is funded by the Danish Fisheries Authority with the support of the European Union  

Feeding studies: Whitefish fry eating worms

Arion vulgaris

Collaboration exchange with Renne University

The Climatic Stress Lab formally collaborates with Université de Rennes1 from 2019-2023 med through a LIA grant (Laboratoire International Associé)