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Latest news from CEM

18.10.2019 | CEM

New Master's student

A warm welcome to Anne Bendtsen

05.09.2019 | CEM

Four new Masters's students at CEM

A warm welcome to Christian, Lærke, Rosa and Morten who are joining us this semester.

02.09.2019 | CEM

The origins of cable bacteria

An international team lead by professor Andreas Schramm from the Center for Electromicrobiology has recently published a paper in PNAS about the origins of cable bacteria.

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Our aim

No one had ever imagined life based on internal electric wires.

Cable bacteria conduct electrons with an efficiency that physics and molecular biology so far can’t explain, and nothing is known on how they control their energy and growth metabolism, when the respiratory electron transport chain is split between cells centimeters apart.

Center for Electromicrobiology aims to unravel how this unique form of life functions.