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Four new Masters's students at CEM

A warm welcome to Christian, Lærke, Rosa and Morten who are joining us this semester.

05.09.2019 | Maria Blach Nielsen

Christian Engelbrecht Larsen is a Master's student at iNano. In his project he will be studying cable bacteria and fibers with TEM and Cryo-TEM. Thomas Boesen will be his supervisor.

Rosa Groth is a Master's student at Molecular biology and Genetics (MBG). Her project will be focusing on localisation of PilA in cable bacteria. Her supervisor will be Andreas Schramm. 

Lærke Uldbjerg Mortensen is a Master's student at Molecular biology and Genetics (MBG). She will be doing af study of dsr genes and associate bacteria. Andreas Schramm will be her supervisor.

Morten Hoppe is a Master's student at Bioscience. He will be doing a project focusing on finding bacteria living in association with cable bacteria using co-occurrence networks based on microbial community compositions inferred from 16S-rRNA-gene sequencing. His supervisor will be Ian Marshall.