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About CfG


The Center for Geomicrobiology was founded in 2012 by research grants from Danish National Research Foundation and the German Max Planck Society. Today the center is run by profs. Bo Barker Jørgensen  and Bente Aagaard Lomstein and assoc profs. Hans Røy and Kasper Urup Kjeldsen covering their primary research activities.

The Center is embedded within the Section for Microbiology and Center for Electromicrobiology at the Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University with which we share state of the art laboratory facilities and collaborate closely.


The seabed constitutes the largest ecosystem on Earth in terms of volume and organic carbon pool. It harbors an important part of all prokaryotic organisms on Earth and the discovery of these microorganisms has profoundly changed our perspective on the limits of living organisms. Yet, this ecosystem, a compelling and fascinating component of planet Earth, is the least explored part of the global environment.

Our research mission is to understand how prokaryotic microorganisms drive processes in the geosphere and control the coupling of essential element cycles that ultimately affect ocean chemistry and global climate. Our research therefore addresses the biogeochemistry of marine sediments and the activity, ecophysiology, community assembly and evolution of the microorganisms populating this ecosystem.

Current Research Projects

    • Cryptic methane cycling in marine sediments
    • Iron and sulfur cycling in Arctic sediments
    • Microbial souring in oil reservoirs
    • Temperature-adaptation of sulfate reducing microorganisms
    • Self-healing cement for subsurface systems
    • Presence and dispersal of endospores in marine sediments
    • Oil degradation in Arctic waters and sediment
    • Microbial community assembly and evolution in marine sediments
    • Visualization of Asgard archaea in marine sediments

    Our Funding Sources

    Danish Centre for Marine ResearchCentre for Oil and Gas - DTU The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology CentreIndependent Research Fund DenmarkThe Velux Foundations