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Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University

BIOS is performing strategic and applied research and provides research-based consultancy services for national nature, environmental and road authorities. The Wildlife Ecology Group is the primary advisor for the Nature Agency on wildlife management and conservation. BIOS have executed research and monitoring on bats and road-wildlife conservation conflicts, e.g. wildlife-vehicle collision patterns, and evaluating fauna passage and other mitigating measures.

Contact person: Morten Elmeros (elm@bios.au.dk)


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Department of Zoology and Animal Cell Biology, University of The Basque Country

The bat research group at UPV/EHU is researching on distribution, foraging behaviour, evolution and conservation of bats, in which they have been working for almost 20 years. The research team has specialized in radiotelemetry, GIS and ecological modelling, analysis of diet based in morphology and molecular tools, ultrasound detectors and sound analysis, high-speed IR video, phylogenetic analysis, monitoring populations and assessing conservation risks.

Contact person: Inazio Garin (inazio.garin@ehu.eus)



Sweco (previously Grontmij) is a leading consultancy company in Denmark providing solutions in the areas of environmental planning and management, waste and nature management. Sweco has  been involved in numerous bat surveys on highway, railway and wind turbine development projects. The company was leading a research project on bat behaviour around two underpasses on a highway, applying synchronised ultrasound microphones. As client advisor the advises often include specific wildlife mitigation measure in relation to roads.

Contact person: Morten Christensen (Morten.Christensen@swecodanmark.dk)


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JD Dierecologie

JD Dierecologie is a research and advice consultancy specialises in evidence based mammal management and conservation, aiming to translate the most recent scientific insights into feasible management and mitigation. JD has been working on bats since 2007, with a focus on landscape use and mitigation of construction and infrastructural works, including light planning. JD is a contributor to the advisory committee to EUROBATSs and vice chair of BatLife Europe.

Contact person: Jasja Dekker (info@jasjadekker.nl)


Flagermus Forskning og Rådgivning v. Hans J. Baagøe

Flagermus Forskning og Rådgivning v. Hans J. Baagøe is a specialized research and advice consultancy with more than 40 years of experience in research on bat flight behaviour, echolocation, distribution, ecology, bat rabies, monitoring, migration and foraging at sea. HJB is one of the pioneers in identification of European bats with ultrasound detectors. HJB has authored guidelines and handbooks on bat conservation for the public, municipalities and government institutions.

Contact person: Hans J. Baagøe (hjbaagøe@snm.ku.dk)


Bat mitigation Research group

The merry lot who attempt to shed light on bat mitigation effectiveness. Back: Hans J. Baagøe, Julie D. Møller, Esben T. Fjederholt, Inazio Garin, Jasja Dekker, Antton Alberdi. Front: Morten Christensen, Morten Elmeros, Joxerra Aiharza. (Photo: M.Christensen)