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Simulation model (SP 5)

Updating of simulation model and validating of simulation results

Harbor porpoise. Photo: Jonas Teilmann

The DEPONS model is  based on an existing, well-documented simulation model that was built for simulating the effects of post-construction noise from wind farms and noise from ships on the harbour propose population in the Inner Danish Waters.

The model has been ported to a new programming framework (Repast) in order to make it possible to use it in the much larger North Sea landscape. Further, the way animal agents respond to noise in the model has updated, assuming that the animals’ tendency to turn away from the noise source increases with the sound level. The model has been parameterised based on data collected by the Gemini wind farm during construction in order to ensure that it produces realistic population densities in the vicinity of wind farm construction sites.

The first version of the DEPONS model (version 1.1) will be made publicly available in the beginning of 2017. This version of the model is based fine-scale movement data collected in the Inner Danish Waters, but uses an updated memory-based dispersal behaviour to ensure that realistic animal home ranges emerge when simulating porpoise population dynamics in the North Sea. The model will be documented in a scientific paper planned for submission early 2017.