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Qualifying Exam: Vincent Fehr

On May 13th, PhD student and VILLUM Young Investigator Vincent Fehr passed his qualifying exam on Non-native palms as generators of novel ecosystems.

13.05.2019 | Dennis Pedersen

Study site in Southern Switzerland invaded by the Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei). Photo: Vincent Fehr

In his PhD study, Vincent Fehr focuses on how non-native palms are involved in the generation of novel ecosystems. He conducted extensive fieldwork in Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico. Due to the key roles of palms, he examined a broad range of ecosystem components and vari­ables (e.g. richness of plants, arthropods and soil inhabiting cryptic groups, vegetation structure, light regime, litter accumulation and air temperature), which are hypothesized to respond to the presence of non-native palms in invaded plots and uninvaded con­trol plots. He also employed novel sampling techniques, such as a handheld 3D laser scanner to measure vegetation structure.