Assistant professor Tina Santl-Temkiv from the Department of Bioscience has been granted DKK 2 million under the VILLUM Experiment program. Photos: Sofia Riberio
Assistant professor Tina Santl-Temkiv.

2018.09.20 |

Assistant professor Tina Santl-Temkiv receives funding from The VILLUM Experiment

The Villum Foundation is supporting bold technical and scientific research ideas for the second time. Assistant Professor Tina Santl-Temkiv from Department of Bioscience is one of this year’s recipients, receiving DKK 2 million for a project that will study the impact of sea-ice microorganisms on cloud processes in the Arctic.

The Department of Bioscience invites students, researchers and the industry to BIO Match 28 September in Stakladen. Photo: AU Foto/Jesper Rais
Businesses, organisations, authorities and researchers get the chance to present themselves at the one minute madness session. Here they get one minute and one slide to deliver their message to the audience. Photo: AU Foto/Jesper Rais

2018.09.19 |

Networking day to increase dialogue and cooperation between businesses and AU biologists

The Department of Bioscience is heating up collaboration between businesses, research and students on the networking and career day ‘BIO Match’, Friday 28 September at Aarhus University.


Mon 24 Sep
13:15-15:15 | Lake side lecture theatres, Bartholins Allé 3, building 1252-204
Rewilding: chasing empirical evidence of ecological consequences and opportunities
PhD defence: Pil Birkefeldt Møller Pedersen, Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity
Wed 26 Sep
09:15-10:00 | Department of Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114-116, building 1540-324
Lena Neuenkamp:Disentangling the role of light availability and AM fungi in shaping plant species composition of European semi-natural grasslands
Seminar: Ecoinformatics and biodiversity
Thu 27 Sep
13:30-14:00 | Department of Bioscience, Ny Munkegade 114-116, building 1540-324
Patrick Jansen: Thieving rodents as substitute dispersers of megafaunal seeds
Seminar: Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity


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